"Persian Mythology, Gods and Goddesses" (Part I)

Space Faravahar
Faravahar the Persian Emblem of Ahura Mazda & Ahreeman in Space
Faravahar represents Ahura Mazda the human (Upper Half) and Ahreeman the beast (Lower Half). Ahura Mazda and Ahreeman are 2 sides of the same coin or 2 faces of the same entity. Ahura Mazda is the light side and Ahreeman is the dark side. The Duality Factor was an original Zoroastrian concept of Zarathustra the great Persian philosopher.


We live in a period which the Islamist Regime does not teach the true history of Iran in our schools. We live in a period which Iranian history school-books, after a quick few pages on our thousands of years of history, begins the history of Iran by the date which Islam enters our land. Mullahs' version of Iranian History starts on 651 AD AIOG (1st Arabo-Islamic Occupational Government) of Iran. Our main history starts on 1979 AD AIOG (2nd Arabo-Islamic Occupational Government) of Iran. Over 3 decades of brainwash, book burnings and twisting the history of Iran goes on with no end in sight. Whatever valuable and accurate history books that we had, have been collected and burned, also they do not allow the publishers to re-publish these books, so the history of Iran is out of print. The students do not have a shred of knowledge about their history or identity! Arabo-Islamization of Iran is in process with the speed of light. They are teaching garbage as the Iranian history in schools!

Mitra Persian Sun Goddess of Iran’s Ancient Wall Carving

1. Christianity is based on Persian Philosophy of Mitraism

The complete philosophy, doctrine and base for Christianity have been borrowed from the ancient Persian Philosophy of Mitraism (Mithraism). According to Persian Mythology, Goddess Anahita is the Immaculate Virgin Mother of Goddess Mitra. Christians practically borrowed their doctrine and Holy Scriptures from Ancient Persian Mythology. Christian Church and scholars only changed the Divine Persian names to Christian names! They named "Anahita" as their Virgin Mary and they named "Mitra" as their Jesus Christ! The bases for the Christian Doctrine and writings in many versions of Bible, written by Christian Scholars and Saints have been practically borrowed (Stolen) material from Persian Mythology and Mitraism! This is documented history. So basically Christianity stole its doctrine from Persians. Later on Muhammad (Islam) stole his complete doctrine from bits and pieces of Torah (Jewish Holy Book) and Bible (Christian Holy Book)! For instance, various prayers, fasting, Allowed and Forbidden foods, scriptures, holy events, biblical history and other documents in Islam were all stolen from Judaism and Christianity. Now if you search for all the roots of everything, even mono thesis, it comes from Persian Doctrines of Mithraism, Vedaism and Zoroastrianism. It all goes back to Persian Philosophies! Why do majority of public not know all this? Because the public has no clue about history. They do not even know what they had for supper a few nights ago! Yes my friends, it all goes back to Persian Philosophies!

Before I elaborate about Mitra and Mitraism, you must comprehend that Mitra is a Bi Gender Goddess. Mitra is both woman and man. Mitra originated in Iran and the Iranian Mitra was more feminine and more of a woman. Later on when Mitra and Mitraism spread to India, Greece, Rome and other places, Mitra had become more masculine and more of a man, yet in nature, Mitra has always been a Bi Gender Goddess both woman and a man. The Iranian Mitra was specifically a woman but with characteristics of a man, more like a Tomboy. Mitra being a Bi Gender Goddess is the reason that Mitra’s images or statues are sometimes portrayed as a woman (Persian Mitra) and sometimes portrayed as a man (Roman Mitra) but the original Mitra was Persian; therefore, she was more of a woman. Have in mind that the Ancient Persian Empire was very advanced and sophisticated. Issues such as gender bigotry, sexism, racism and slavery did not exist in the Pre Islamic Iran. All of these issues had entered Iran with Islam! [PL - LINK* - B. Silver]

Iranians did not have the present moral taboos! In Iranian society, had existed: Male, Female, Both Female and Male (Bi Gender), Neither Female nor Male (Neuter), Gay, Lesbian, Transgender, Transvestite and various other types of Gender Identities.

Iranian Gods and Goddesses were a representation of the Non Gender Bias Iranian Society. There was no Gender Discrimination in Iran. Iranians were free of Gender issues; furthermore, Iranians believed in endless variety of Gender Forms. Women were the most valuable in the Iranian society. We even had Feminist Goddesses such as Allatum a female masculine Goddess. Ancient Iranian society did not see the gender issue as Black and White, Male or Female!

There existed Evolution of Gods and Devolution of Gender in the Ancient Persian Empire; therefore, Gods and Goddesses were also Devolutionized in Gender, for instance:

We had Gods and Goddesses, like:

Male Masculine Gods (Ahreeman)
Female Feminine Goddesses (Anahita)
Bi Gender Goddesses (Mitra)
Neuter Gods (Zurvan)
Male Feminine Gods (Indira)
Female Masculine Goddesses (Allatum)

According to the Mitraic Doctrine, Mitra the Sun Goddess died on December 22nd and then was born on December 25th. This event was based on an astronomical fact which back then was observed from the Earth that the sun actually dies for three days on December 22nd, the winter solstice, when it stops in its movement south, to be born again or in other words resurrected on the December 25th, which it resumes its movement north. Of course all of you are well aware that according to Christianity, baby Jesus was also born on December 25th!

Originally, the Persian Pine Tree was not a local vegetation of the Iranian Plateau, yet it was brought from abroad to Iran and planted around Iran. Persian Pine Tree* (Kaj-e Irani) being a rare tree was selected by the Mitraist (Mithraist) priests as the noble gift of the season for the gift bearers to be brought to the Mitraic Temples to honor Mitra the Ancient Persian Sun Goddess (LINK*). The Persian Pine Trees were displayed in the vicinity of the original Mitraic Temples as gifts in the honor of Mitra. This was a tradition during the Season for the birth of Mitra (December).

Mitra Sun Goddess’ Merry Mitras Persian Pine Tree
Gift Bearers bring the gif of the Persian Pine Tree for Shahanshah Darius the Great
Wall of the Apadana Palace, Persepolis, Iran
Mitra Sun Goddess’ Merry Mitras Persian Pine Tree
Wall of the Apadana Palace, Persepolis, Iran
Christmas Pine Tree originated in Iran as the Persian Pine Tree and later came to Europe thx to Germans who were fascinated by the Persian's history
Mitra Sun Goddess’ Merry Mitras Persian Pine Tree
Mitra Sun Goddess’ Persian Pine Tree and Persian Soldier
Wall of Apadana Palace, Persepolis, Iran

Later on, the tradition continued and it become customary for the various foreign or domestic diplomatic delegations to bring Persian Pines along with other valuable presents as gifts to the Persian Shahanshahs. Various delegations from the four corners of the Persian Empire, from the Chinese border all the way to Africa and from the India all the way to Europe, included the Persian Pines along with their most valuable presents as gifts brought to the Persian Shahanshahs.

On The stairways of the Apadana Palace of Darius the Great in Persepolis (two pictures above), Gift-bearing delegations are carved clearly carrying the Persian Pines. Eventually the Persian Pine Tree precious to the Mitraists were borrowed by the Christian Saints and Authors and become... in the XIX c. the Christmas Tree! Actually Germans invented the myth that Jesus was born under a snow covered Pine Tree!

Mitra the Persian Sun Goddess originally had 12 followers which were the 12 months of the year and the signs of the Zodiac. Mitra had to pass these 12 months every year. Astronomically this was based on the fact that the Sun has to pass through 12 months of the year and in fact one year (12 months) is a full circle of Earth on its orbit around the Sun. As you know, Jesus also had 12 followers and close disciples!

Mitra is shown in art works and statue forms wearing a Corona (Crown of Thorns) and a Halo. Jesus also wears a crown of thorns put on him by the Romans and surely there’s always a halo around his head! Does this ring a bell?!

Mitra walked on the water of oceans, lakes and rivers simply because from the Earth, Mitraists observed that the Sun seems like it is walking on the water; therefore, it become a Mitraist expression that Mitra walks on the water. Of course you are well aware that who else walked on the water, don’t you? Yes, Jesus indeed!

It was a fundamental factor of Mitraic Doctrine that Mitra was crucified, then resurrected and ascended to heavens. This was based on astronomical events which in fact Sun passes through the equinoxes (Crucified) such as the Vernal Equinox being Easter when she then revives (Resurrected); next, the Sun ascended into heaven during the spring equinox when it is the Passover and the time in which the sun crosses the equator, making night and day of the equal length. Do you know who else was crucified, then resurrected and ascended to heavens? You guessed it: Jesus!

PL-text:  Mit Adonisa - Narodziny, Dojrzewanie i Śmierć Synów Bożych-Część I
Mit Adonisa - Narodziny, Dojrzewanie i Śmierć Synów Bożych-Część II,

Now I would like to mention a number of similarities between Mitraism and Christianity:

* Mitra was the daughter of the virgin Goddess Anahita.
* Jesus was the son of the virgin mother Mary!

* Mitra was born on December 25th.
* Jesus was born on December 25th.

* Mitraists were having bread and wine at Mitraist Temples.
* Christians are having bread and wine at communions in churches!

* Mitraists brought gift of Pine Tree to honor Mitra.
* Christians celebrate Christmas with the Christmas Pine Tree.

* Three wise men of Persia came to visit baby Sun Goddess Mitra and brought her gifts and gold.
* Three wise men from far away came to visit baby Jesus in stable and brought him gifts.

* Mitra had 12 followers which were the 12 months of the year and the Zodiac signs.
* Jesus had 12 disciples who followed him.

* Mitra wore a Corona which is a crown of thorns and had a halo around her head.
* Jesus was put a crown of thorns on his head by the Romans and had a halo above his head.

* Mitra walked on bodies of water.
* Jesus walked on water.

* Mitra crucified, resurrected and then ascended to heavens.
* Jesus crucified, resurrected and then ascended to heavens.

And many other similarities…

So who copied who?
Christianity is a bit over 2000 years old.
Mitraism is over 4000 years old.

Zarathustra Spitmata the great Persian Philosopher
(who made him
famous in Europe in XIX and XX c?)
True Face and Image of the Zarathustra Spitmata the great Persian Philosopher

2. Zarathustra was a Simple Philosopher, not a Prophet

Zarathustra Spitmata (Avestan Persian) AKA Zoroaster (Greek) AKA Zartosht (Modern Persian) was a giant of a philosopher. Friedrich Nietzsche the great philosopher bowed to Zarathustra and heavily respected Zarathustra. All throughout his life, Zarathustra was a rebel and a free thinker. Not just Persian Free Thinking but the Eastern Free Thinking started with the Zarathustra. Persian Thinking Outside the Box, started with Zarathustra. To the global philosophy, Zarathustra is a giant who contributed a great amount of knowledge and wisdom to the human civilization.

Zarathustra always referred to himself as a “Simple Poet”. Zarathustra was a simple philosopher. Zarathustra never referred to himself as “A Prophet of God”. Zarathustra was far modest to even claim being a prophet! Way after Zarathustra’s period, Mobads created a grand hierarchy of the “Organized Zoroastrian State Religion” and completely twisted the total doctrine of a simple poet and philosopher named Zarathustra (Zoroastra or Zoroasta). Revision after revision, some for self gains, some for Fire Temple’s politics and some to make Zoroastrianism to survive Islam, had turned the original Zoroastrian philosophy to the present abomination! Even today, the Mobads will not stop and they continue twisting Zarathustra’s words. Yet if you read between the lines of Gatha, Avesta and other ancient texts, you will still notice the true and wise words of the greatest man who was only a simple poet and philosopher named Zarathustra (read more about).

Zarathustra Statue at Efrin, Syrian Kurdistan, Syria
Zarathustra Statue at the Appellate Court Building in Madison Square Park, New York, USA

3. Zoroastrianism is Compatible with Futurism.

Futurism is all about the future, Science, Progress, reality and the truth. Zoroastrianism as a philosophy is also.. all about the future, Science, Progress, reality and the truth. Allow me to elaborate. Efforts such as mine are to once again purify Zoroastrianism from Mobad’s revisions and return the scriptures back to the original Gathic doctrine of Zarathustra. The original words of Zarathustra can coexist with science and is perfectly compatible with Science and Evolution, simply because the True Zoroastrianism is not a Religion but a Philosophy and not only a philosophy but a dynamic and a progressive philosophy. Gathas clearly states that all the laws of nature combined together create a force, an intelligence which Zarathustra refers to this intelligence as “Entity of Intelligence” (Hasti-ye Kherad in Persian). In the Avestan language this “Entity of Intelligence” becomes “Ahura Mazda”.

In original Zoroastrian philosophy, Ahura Mazda balances, determines and maintains the “World Order”. This “World Order” is crucial to be maintained or chaos will conquer. In Avestan language this “World Order” is referred to as “Asha” (Rasti in Persian) meaning the “Truth”. Gathic Doctrine explains that the universe is ever changing, dynamic and progressive. Zarathustra states that the laws of nature are destined to be continuously evolving and this evolution makes the universe to constantly change and evolve. Zarathustra Spitmata have always insisted for the Aryans (= Noble People/no specific tribe or nation... Read Vedas and then you'll understand what word "Aryan" means, cuz both Nazi Germans didn't, so the later people who often claim their nations become from mythical "Aryans" - B. Silver) to state the Asha (Truth) and avoid the Druj (Lie).

Zarathustra clearly recommends to the Iranic people and the global public to recognize the “Entity of Intelligence” (Hasti-ye Kherad), comprehend it and remain compatible with it via constant thrive for knowledge, education and progress.

Universe is a dynamic and a progressive entity; therefore, in earlier time, it must have been a simpler universe, more concentrated and elementary. Eventually it has evolved to the present shape. But have in mind that the universe has never been created and will never get destroyed (LINK*); however, it changes and all the elements within this universe and all universes just change shapes from one form to another and they will continue existence, progress and evolution.

Zarathustra Statue at the University of Chicago, Illinois, USA

Does this sound like Science and Evolution to you? Zoroastrianism is basically a form of primitive ancient explanation of the today’s complex scientific explanation of the Evolution!

Zarathustra was also an original rebel. Throughout his whole life, he conducted a massive campaign against the Magies (Magi/Shamans/Priests = Link1, Link2, Link3) who were the organized religion clerics of his era. Zarathustra constantly stated that “All Gods are Lies.” Zarathustra never referred to Ahura Mazda as a “God”. Zarathustra always referred to Ahura Mazda as the “Universal Intelligence” who implements the Asha as the “Truth”. Zarathustra always referred to himself as a “Simple Poet” and a simple philosopher. Zarathustra never referred to himself as a prophet of god, then how could he ever have believed in an Abrahamic Mono God?

If you review the Avestan language, you will clearly comprehend that in Avestan “Ahura” means “Universe” and “Mazda” means “Intelligence”. Ahura Mazda means the “Universal Intelligence” which exists within all the elements that make up our universe. All the internal and external energies inside and outside the matters, all the matters, all the energies, all the animated and inanimated objects, all the living elements and all the thinking creatures which combinely form this dynamic universe which constantly evolves are the system which Zarathustra referred to as the “Universal Intelligence”. You and I and every other element in our universe and all other universes are the “Universal Intelligence”. This intelligence is far from the mumbo jumbo of" Allah, Yahweh, Christ and other Mono Gods or Polly Gods! This is why Zoroastrianism in its original form and doctrine is not a religion but a progressive philosophy of its time. Zarathustra was a true visionary and Zoroastrianism is a scientific philosophy. This is why Zoroastrianism is compatible with science and Futurism. Zoroastrianism is a philosophy for the Thinking and Logical people.
Always remember that:

"There is no absolute Good and there is no absolute Evil." And the bottom line is that:
Faravahar means: Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds (English)
Pendare Nik, Goftare Nik, Kerdare Nik (Modern Persian)
Humata, Hukhta, Hvarshta (Avestan Persian)

Half Human Upper Half = Ahuramazda
Half Beast Lower Half = Ahreeman
Right hand = Ancient Aryan Persian Salute
Left Hand = Ring of Power (granted to Shahanshahs)

Faravahar at the Front Gate of the Zoroastrian Fire Temple

Faravahar Wood Carved Fine Crafted Door
Afif Abad Garden Museum, Shiraz, Iran

4. Meaning of Faravahar

Faravahar is an ancient Persian Symbol. Faravahar represents both Ahura and Ahreemanic symbolism. The half-human part (the upper half) is representing Ahuramazda (Ancient Persian God of Good) and the half Beast part (the lower half) is representing Ahreeman (Ancient Persian God of Evil - Compare please with the Mesopotamian Eagle symbol, which is 1 of 4 ancient Mesopotamian Beasts: Eagle, Lion, Bull and Phoenix-or-Angel sometimes or -Double-headed eagle... These symbols are very dark and evil symbols associated with semitic occultism! - B.Silver).

Periods of Iranian History Table

1. Ancient Civilizations (Pre Vedai) Era: 6000 BC - 2000 BC
2. Vedai Era: 2000 BC - 850 BC
3. Pre-Avesta Era: 850 BC - 728 BC
4. The Kingdom Era: 728 BC - 559 BC
5. The First Imperial Era: 559 BC - 651 AD
6. The First AIOG (Arabo-Islamic Occupational Government) Era: 651 AD - 873 AD
7. The Second Imperial Era: 873 AD - 1979 AD
8. The Second AIOG (Arabo-Islamic Occupational Government) Era: 1979 AD - present

Now that we are aware of these time periods, then we can move on to our main subject. When introducing various Persian Gods, Goddesses and other Mythical Figures, I will be naming certain periods, which they belong to. Persian Gods and Goddesses distribute along 8000 years of Iranian history from Pre Vedai Era all the way to The First Imperial Era and beyond. By understanding the above timetable, you are now armed with the weapon of knowing your time frames. Now we shall begin the main subject.

* * *

5.  Evolution of Gods in Persia

Please comprehend that Persians had Multi Gods (Polly Thesis) during Vedai Era (2000 BC - 850 BC) and Pre-Avestan Era (850 BC - 728 BC). During "Early Vedai Era", when Iranian and Indian Aryans lived together, and then during "Late Vedai Era", when Iranian and Indian Aryans lived separate, in both periods, Iranians had a Polly Thesis System of Gods. Also afterwards in Mithraism Period, during the Pre-Avestan Era, Iranians also had a Polly Thesis System of Gods. So from the Ancient Civilizations (Pre Vedai) Era, all the way to and somewhat during The Kingdom Era, Iranians had a Polly Thesis System of Gods (Multi Gods). During these periods, Both Ahura Mazda and Ahreeman existed, yet they were only two major Gods amongst a number of other Gods and Goddesses. As it is documented in scriptures, during these periods, Zurvan was the father of Ahura Mazda and Ahreeman.

Suddenly during The Kingdom Era, when Zoroastrianism hit the screen, Zoroastrians primarily believed in two major forces of Ahura Mazda and Ahreeman. Rest of the Gods became less important and somewhat vanished! Once Zoroastrianism switched from a philosophy to a major religion of Iranians, eventually Zoroastrians only recognized the two forces of Ahura Mazda and Ahreeman. The rest of the Gods were only cherished by non-Zoroastrians. Later on Zoroastrians started to believe in Mono Thesis and the one and only God, Ahura Mazda.

The original philosophy of Zarathustra emphasized on Two Faces or Two Sides (Ahura Mazda and Ahreeman) of the same God; however, later on, Mubeds and Hirbeds (Zoroastrian Priests) had changed the original Zoroastrian Doctrine in to the belief in one God as Ahura Mazda with his Arch Evil Enemy Ahreeman!

So in a way Ahura Mazda had existed way before The Kingdom Era and Avestan Era, yet during this period, he became The Major God. On the contrary, except a specific period (Ashkanid Period) during The First Imperial Era (59 BC - 651 AD), Mithraism and worship of Mitra had faded away in Iran! In ancient times, Mithraism was a major religion and Mitra was a major Goddess. Mithraism was exported from Iran to Greece, Rome, India and Northern Territories, yet eventually by the rise of Zoroastrianism, The Mithraism philosophy had faded away. The only exception to this rule, were the centuries of Ashkanid (Arsacid) Empire. Ashkanids were more or less very keen on Mithraism, Mitra, Sun Goddess and Mehregan Festival (Festival of the Sun).

In Persian:
Mehr = Sun
Mehr Parasti = Sun Worship AKA Mitraism

Fire Temple of Yazd’s Front Gate, Yazd, Iran
Yazd is the Zoroastrian Capital of Iran

Fire Temple of Yazd, the Front View, Yazd, Iran

Main Fire Temple of Yazd, Iran

Main Fire Temple of Yazd’s round panoramic front view, Yazd, Iran

Fire Temple of Yazd’s Faravahar door top at dusk, Yazd, Iran

The writing on top of Faravahar is the Modern Avestan Persian form which says:
Homat, Hovakht, Hovarsht (Modern Avestan Persian)
Which in Ancient Avestan Persian means:
Humata, Hukhta, Hvarshta (Avestan Persian)
Which in Modern Persian means:
Pendare Nik, Goftare Nik, Kerdare Nik (Modern Persian)
Which in English means:
Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds (English)
Under the Faravahar wings, the writing reads:
There is only one path in the globe and that is the path of Truth.

6.  Ahreeman is the Shadow of Ahuramazda

Many scholars believe that Ahreeman is the shadow of Ahuramazda. Ahreeman is the Dark Side of Ahura Mazda. Ahreeman is the aggressive and persistent side of Ahuramazda. Without Ahreeman, the Ahuramazda can barely exist because he becomes mediocre, indifferent and passive.

Ahura Mazda - Ahreeman, two sides of the same coin! (Like day and night, fire and water, life and death... and most of all like woman and man! - B.Silver)

Have in mind that these Gods and Goddesses were worshiped and respected before Zoroasta and Zoroastrianism, yet even after Zoroasta, people still had respect for them yet more out of symbolism and tradition. During Achaemenids (559 BC - 330 BC), Ahura Mazda Ancient God of intelligence during Vedai Era, became one of the two dual characters in Zoroastrian philosophy. Zoroastrians started to worship the one and only God Ahura Mazda. Yet the other Character, the Ancient God of Evil Ahriman (Ahreeman) was also there for Zoroastrians to recognize. However many believe that Ahura Mazda and Ahreeman are two sides of the same coin, they are the two faces of the same God, symbolic for the duality of man. Many believe that this duality has been started from Zoroastrianism and they both complete one another. Mitra and Anahita were specifically always as Icons in Persian civilization. Mitra was specially worshiped during Arsacid (Ashkanid) Parthian Dynasty Era (238 BC - 224 AD). Ashkanids believed in the Sun Goddess and the holy power of the sun, they considered themselves as the Sun People. Also Sassanids (224 AD - 651 AD) were Zoroastrian but even then, people did not forget their symbolic respect for Ancient Persian Gods and Goddesses.

Once Islam entered Iran, Polly Thesis had changed to Mono Thesis and Allah replaced All Gods and Goddesses. Arabo_Muslim have done their best to destroy the Persian Culture and along with it, the Persian Gods and Goddesses of Iran; however, despite Tazis' hard work, the Legend of Persian Mythology is still alive! On the other hand, even though Arabs take credit for bringing the worship of a Mono God (Allah) to Iran, yet the fact is that Iranians were worshiping a Mono God (Ahura Mazda), centuries before the existence of Islam!

The Zoroastrian Sacred Cow vs. Allah!

Cow is not only sacred to Hindus! There is also a Zoroasztrian Sacred Cow! Why you ask? There is a logic behind it. The Sacred Cow of Zoroastrians feeds milk to the Aryans, labors their farms and assists them with their agriculture. Aren't those enough reasons to be sacred? Mohammed turned a Black Rock in the center of Ka'bbah (a totem) to Allah and made it a mono god! Arabo_Muslim around the world are worshiping this Rock between 3 (Shiite) to 5 (Sunni) times a day! Don't you think a Cow has more use and is more sacred than a useless Black Rock (Allah)? This is pure Persian logic and it makes sense. Cow worths much more than Arab's Allah!(But you should also remember that cow was considered to be an ancient animal symbol - like totem - of Mother Goddess, it was so in Egypt, whole Mesopotamia, Greece, Italy and in many other world feminine cults.... in India is still a sacred female symbol, but only in patriarchal mono cults of death... most of all in semitic tribes - cows are ritually slaughtered - B.Silver)

End of Part I
Next post will be devoted to ,Devolution of Gender in Persia' and ,Alphabetical list of Persian gods and goddesses'


  1. I’m hoping that this is the comment section
    I was doing a search for middle eastern Persian dark moon deities & came across your article!
    I’m of part Syrian Palestine ancestry & its incredibly difficult to find accurate information that isn’t saturated with North American Wiccan crap
    I really wish to find accurate factual history on ancestry before the modern religions took over
    You’ve got so much information here!
    Thank You


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