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"Key To The Universe" ~ Harriette Augusta Curtiss. Part II - The Symbol Of The ,O' And The Serpent


"Absolut is a circle, the center of which is everywhere
and the circumference nowhere."
~ Pascal.

"Alone, the One Form of Existence stretched
boundless, infinite, causeless, in Dreamless Sleep;
and Life pulsated unconscious in Universal Space,
throughout that All-Presence, which is sensed
by the Open Eye of Dangma."
~ Stanzc of
Dsya,s, I, 8

In numerical systems the O is the 1st symbol to be considered, as it is the 1 from which all others proceed. It is a symbol of Unmanifested Deity; in the Bible, the darkness of Chaos from which the Cosmos emerges. It is the Night of Brahm in which all is latent, "a boundless darkness on the ground of which appears the first central point in white." It may sound paradoxical to call the Deity, whom we are wont to think of as Universal Life and Omnipotent Being, a circle of darkness, yet right here the student must begin to adjust his point of view to the occult and mystical conceptions. A fundamental…

Basen dla rosyjskich kosmonautów (Pool for Russian Astronauts)

Russian cosmonauts have various types of training and sometimes they train in a huge pool with a 20-tonned space module inside. By the way the water in the pool is distilled.

Rosyjscy kosmonauci mają wiele typów basenów treningowych, na zamieszczonych poniżej zdjęciach prezentuję jeden z takich basenów, który mieści w sobie moduły kosmiczne w naturalnej wielkości. Ps. Woda w basenach jest... destylowana. ;D