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"Z gwiezdnego pyłu powstałeś Człowiecze.. * From the Stardust You're Created, Dude! - Part VII

♄ Methane-Based Aliens May Exist on Saturn's Moon Titan  ♄ Obce formy życia oparte na metanie (a nie tlenie) mogą istnieć na księżycu Saturna - Tytanie - podaje NASA (tekst w oryginale, ale nie jest długi)

Researchers at Cornell University have come up with "the first concrete blueprint of life not as we know it." Scientists believe they have come up with a concrete model for a new type of methane-based, oxygen-free life form that could prosper in the harsh, icy conditions of Saturn's mysterious freezing moon, Titan.

Reported in the journal Science Advances, the new life form suggests that Titan could have methane-based, oxygen-free cells composed of small organic nitrogen compounds, which are adept at enduring liquid methane temperatures of 292 degrees below zero.

The researchers have now determined that cells based on methane, which has a much lower freezing point than water, can also give rise to a life form. The hypothetical cell membrane has been named an azotoso…