Why patriarchal priests so terribly afraid of sacred female principle - Anima Mundi?

"The suppression of women’s rights began with the suppression of women’s rites."
Merlin Stone

We live
in difficult but very interesting times, when once again ~ as many times in the Past ~ clashes with each other many conflicting interests. My point of view about matter of this "clashes" is only one of many reasons why we must struggle so much, you ~ those who will read it ~ probably have different ideas about nature of our world, its construct,
certainly as much important and right, but from my own perspective, all geopolitical, economical and social issues we must deal with right now, are connected, by the same rotten root, for many, invisible and impalpable, because we are immersed in this world, some call it "matrix", "illusion", but whether we like it or not, this physical realm is our home at the moment and as fish in the ocean, we cannot see anything outside of it, or at least, we cannot prove our intuitive feeling, with a solid evidence. But that doesn't mean that we are wrong. If we won't trust ourselves, who then shall we trust? (I mean "people").

I found years ago my own explanation of few things, have my own "key" to understand the reason why so many bad things happening right now in the world, but I don't claim that I know the absolute truth. Just as those who I call my "spiritual enemy" = male-priests (but
without any hatred to them/they are only my opposite), cannot say so, even so, they always did and do. That's right.

This "rotten root" is a religion as an institutionalized organisation of corrupted male patriarchal priests (once called "Shamans", "Magicians", "Magi", etc...), the post-babylonian (Middle Eastern) semitic System which is like a tumor on spiritual body, the wall standing on the personal way to the God/Absolut. There was - of course a time when even they were needed, there's nothing wrong to remove the human fear, make them believe that they are not alone, because they will never be alone as long will exist Universe, I am not atheist in this part, I'm rather an agnostic
pantheist... but when the first holy war ~ in the name of so-called "Good patriarchal God" broke out, or when the first women or child killed by their religious dogma, when the first blood flowed... and we all know from history, how many times male-priests started their un-holy Crusades, Inquisition, wars, the Conquest or the Counter-Reformation, then exactly, they lost moral right to govern the spiritual life of the human being; right now we have a opportunity to see another (this time islamic) Hegira or Hijrah (Arabic: هِجْرَة‎), which many connects with a corrupted Western policy makers, but how many of you know, that even Western priests, have a huge contribution to this, not only because of a growing number of apostasy? They of course afraid that people in this world leave their cults, without millions believers they're nothing, and I can understand that fear, but it's not the only thing they fight with...

Anti-pope Bergoglio bows and kisses muslim queen of Jordan
Link between suicide bombers in Brussels and Catholic Church

Pope washes the feet of three Muslim refugees

They fear of unknown. The dark space which for millenia was linked to feminine principle... Ancients called it "Cosmos". They can't admit it, even to themselves, that Universe is totally diferent they preached for centuries... In the "golden age" of their power (Middle Ages), they could silenced forever those who dared question their knowledge about the Cosmos (Hypatia, G. Bruno or Galileo...), they could force women to be silent, defend access to education (knowledge) for only their beloved puppets (aristocrats and clerics), but in 1969 happened something what frightened them so much, that a long time machine of backwardness and ignorance (their tools to control humanity through millenia), by the false conspiracy theories (written mainly by priests and religious fanatics... how funny, most of them are muslims now), launched again, against the "human-global progress". I know that humans are not perfect creatures, I know also "science" in the hands of bad people can do a terrible things, but no one gives the male priests right to decide, whether we have a right to "evolve" as human global family, or not. You won't stop the evil in this world, priests, just by pushing humanity into the another Dark Ages, because 1) humans have a ,free will' to choose their path, which even Absolut do not wish to harm, 2) ignorance is a best meal for all kind of evil. So not that road, priests...

The other great fear of male-priests are we, women. They feared us thousands of years ago, when they decided to
overthrow the matriarchal order (in the same way as today they trying to change the whole world using to this islam, as a tool, poor Arabs, I finally realized, how bad luck they have... Arabs are the biggest victim of patriarchal priests agenda, before the monotheism, they were a great nations with a great history and science, also a women in arabic worlds have a greater freedom, than many countries in the world today... Until the birth of islam ~ thanks to christian Nestorians* ~ the Arabs preserved the finest works of the human mind before destruction, while so many ancient texts were destroyed by christian or jewish fanatics, even in our times, whata shame!), and they call Us (as a "sacred female principle") = ,Hydra' or the ,Beast'. Just as anti-Cosmos/space-travel agenda in conspiracy theories, the same thing happens to any "female principle", ancient matriarchy, which is  demonized at every step. They (priests) bask in the glow of glory, that about the truth of their theses testifies 2,000 years of their duration... But forget to mention, that the oldest sacred sculptures of matriarchal cult of Mother Goddess, date back to 800,000 years ago. Isn't silly?

"Gorgon" by Brian James Waugh Sadness and injustice of fate written on the face of the High Priestesses, Medusa. She has many faces and her spirit is still among many women, victims of cruelty of this world. You should also check this post*
and read the Robert Graves book "The Greek Myths" and "White Goddess", to re-think again the old story about Gorgon Medusa, the Perseus on white flying horse (Pegasus) and poor virgin Andromeda, who he rescues.

Male-priests are like children, who refuse to do
what asks their Mother, to love, be kind, tolerant, to give and to know how to take without harm anybody. They blindly believe in the supremacy of masculine principle, although if not female womb, they even wouldn't be here, to preach about their male God. Nobody saw God, the Absolut, the Creator of whole Universe, they even do not know his name or whatever this power is. So how come they know that He is a man? And if he is absolute, almighty, can be everything or nothing at the same time. There is no contradiction in that. Check this link*. But of course, they, men, know better, right? They - somehow - know everything, like gods and whoever disagrees with them, must be stupid, evil, etc. But even Absolut gave us the "free will", a brain/mind to search for the truth, who are they to tell us which path is right, or not? They often claim, that the best proof of their teaching is in the book ... they wrote and changed many times since V c. How convenient, isn't? Well... I have different point of view. They lost their power to tell anybogy what is good and what is wrong when they killed first person in the name of their God, silly, that today, they fear so much about ,human zygote', although they sent through the centuries to death thousands, if not millions, people and continuously do so... I do not put an equal sign and does not diminish the value of human life ... I just wonder why they (priests) have the courage to pretend to be clean as a whistle? After so many evil deeds they did through centuries.... But as I said at the beginning of this post, I only wanted sketch my own "key" to understand present events in the world. There are too many distortions and mutually exclusive theories, to enter into deeper polemics, but I am sure we - as Humanity - must deal with that one day.

We live in what has already been told, nothing new under the sun. It's not the first time, as happened before, will happen again. Our world is an inverted: Sons of Darkness call themselves the Messangers of God basking in the glow godly fear and respect of the masses, and there is no harmony between opposites in this world... Restore the balance between opposites, male-priests, only then sacred communion will broke the wheel of insane un-holy wars, crimes, pain and human misery! Return the freedom of humanity or fall forever! ▷...

At the end of this post, my few favorite images and quotes, as a counterweight and alternative for patriarchal System/patriarchial male-priests agenda:
Goddess Nejma (Moroccan Goddess)

“Many of the great leaders in the future for humanity will have to be women. It is their destiny. It is what they must do. If this is denied, then humanity will not progress. It will remain captive to history, to tradition, to conflict and war. Being providers and maintainers, women are more given to establishing peace and cooperation. In a traditional sense, they have to make families work, they have to hold families together, they have to take care of people directly, intimately. Do you see the advantages here?”

Old Persian Mother Goddess Anahit

“In many advanced societies, as we mentioned, women are the priests; they are the religious authorities. In this case, in races very different from your own, the feminine is recognized as being more receptive to the direction of spirit, or God, while men in general—in most situations, the male aspect—are more competent in physical or practical measures.”

“Over the centuries, men have been so afraid of the power of women and the possibility of women ascending within the society and culture that they really have denied themselves the assets and the benefits of these skills. And civilization as a whole has been retarded and restrained, its full potential not realized because of this.”

“There are very few individuals who can be seers and not all of them will be women, but these gifts have been given to the feminine in far greater abundance, and there are women today who are meant to be seers.”

"It is said that the masculine is in power and has been for thousands of years. I don't agree. The sacred masculine force hasn’t been the one in “power”; the force that has been operating from behind the patriarchal (priestly) mindset is a repressed masculine shadow, which moves from a starved place of powerlessness and starvation. This is a place of fear, hate and greed. This has been the “power” behind the plan to kill, enslave and destroy it’s way to victory. The priestly way of thinking.

This is not the true essence of the sacred masculine. This is from a place of ignoring the heartbeat of the Earth-Mother, the divine feminine and the power of nature. This is a place that is out of alignment with creation and life. This is a place that values war, profit and breathes destruction like air. This is not the masculine truth but a bed of lies.

I wonder how they never asked themselves what it is they would be ruling when they had killed it all away? When they burnt it all to the ground would they rule a pile of rubble?

This is a truth they (priests) hide their faces from, preferring to keep their heads in the sand, and believing that they the all mighty and powerful man can create all they need from the ashes of our ravaged world once they have sucked it all away.

Hiding is not a trait of the true masculine essence

Hiding is the trait of the patriarchal version of the masculine, the one that they created, not of the sacred masculine. Hiding from conflict, from resolution, from evolution and from feelings.

Hiding from what happens around us and not seeing the effects of this backwards and shut down patriarchal way of being on fellow brothers and sisters on this Earth/Terra. Masking emotions, thoughts and truth he lives his life behind a prison wall.

This is not the face of the sacred masculine

Living completely out of the body that he once relied upon to forge powerful strides in his daily life, he buttons it down and tames it, selling it out on the meat-market of society to keep up with what we has been taught he must provide/do/say/think to “be a man.”

His success is built upon a measuring stick that he himself isn’t even holding, the carrot held out by a consumer driven culture that will push him towards goals he “needs” to complete but won’t pat him on the back when he’s “won”; it will just convince him he needs to be more and have more to feel something in his numbness.

Shutting down one by one the instincts that were so integral to his survival, in this supercharged tech-mad-instant-download-world, he feels he no longer needs them as he once did. He ignores his gut, doesn’t trust his sight and shuts his ears to the world around him. He ignores the alignment with the nature within him, cut off from the Earth he falters in the darkness.

The true masculine force of the Universe doesn’t hide when he is met with confrontation or feeling

At times there is a need to sit back, wait and think, but he doesn’t shield his eyes and his heart from everything that rises within him. To do so is a trait of the repressed masculine.

The true masculine force doesn’t hide from the divine feminine; he sees this cosmic dance of creation as the powerful container of sacred medicine that it is. He knows that there is no trophy in conquering her and chaining her to idiotic patriarchal ideals.

He knows that to hide from the feelings and emotions that this co-creation generates is transformative, nourishing and vital.

He knows in a broken open place of surrender with her, there is no need for masks. To be bare is to be seen fully, embraced in his truth, his essence and his authentic self.

He knows that in her wild, raw and primal power she is both the awe-inspiring force of the storm and the life-giving rains upon the parches Earth below. He is unafraid to dance in her downpour or bask in her sunlight. He sees her invitation into the fires of her soul and he steps forward unafraid to dance in her flames.

To fear her, to chain her, to destroy her is the disappearing masculine... but patriarchal priests cannot see it, cuz they're "spiritual impotent"

He knows there is more to this life than climbing the corporate ladder and being lost in a sea of endless possessions; he feels that the depths of his spirit are an ocean that need to be explored. He knows that his worth is not a measure of the balance in his bank account, it’s in the measure of his heart.

He knows that to balance and heal this Earth both the masculine and feminine forces of this world need to reclaim the wild power that courses through their veins, the true authentic voice that has been theirs since long before society told them what it should be.

He knows this needs to be done side by side, arm in arm; this sacred dance of the divine. He is consciously emerging in his truth, his authentic light and his voice.

From this place of moving forward together embracing and seeing the truth of once another fully, there is nothing that cannot be created; there is nothing that we cannot do.

To forge a new path forward, we need to strip away the old ideals and beliefs that are not our own.

The path forward is an awakened and embodied movement of unity, presence and open heart consciousness in which we reclaim our sacred places on this Earth, side by side. The way forward is one where both the masculine and the feminine tap into their truth and thrive.

The time has come to rise together. To wake up and oppose the true parasites of this world in every corner: the patriarchal priests, the main reason of all human-problems. Who is pro-patriarchal, is anti-his own Mother!

by ©Ara, C. Ara Campbell

Anima Mundi: Great Mothers, 6300-5300 BCE
Anima Mundi: Mother of gods and humans, Mother Goddess or Virgin Mother, Queen of stars, Tellus, Sophia or Shekinah... Sacred female principle which for thousands of years, in all cultures and traditions, had many names but One form: Mother of Life.
Head of a Goddess and Priestess from Bactria, Margiana (Circa 2000-1750 BC) ~ Bactria, and Margiana = the ancient name of a historical regions, one of the ancient civilizations of Iranian people
Fertility Goddess ~ Pakistan (Gandhara, Charsadda), early Kushan Period (1st century)
Mother Goddess from Cucuteni-Drăguşeni-Trypillian culture (ca. 6000 to 3500 BC) ~ known as Cucuteni in Romanian and Trypilska Трипільська in Ukrainian, a Neolithic – Eneolithic archaeological culture in Eastern Europe.
Temple of Goddess Allat (pre-moslem, arabic Mother Goddess/Triple Goddess) - in Hatra, Ninawa province, Iraq © Nico Tondini

Figurine from Kostenki presents the Paleolithic ‘Mother Goddess/Venus’,
from 23 000 - 21 000 BC (in limestone) ▼

10 Key Points of the Age of Women

1. Women have natural abilities and tendencies that make them ideally suited to assume leaderships in the fields of spirituality. Women are providers and maintainers. Their ability to resonate with and care for people is key. They are presently the backbone of most of humanity’s religious traditions but they are denied their natural positions of leadership.

2. Men also have their own natural talents. They are generally better suited to material matters, gifted in the physical and practical fields.

3. While women have greater strengths, they also have weaknesses which must be mitigated. They are prone to pursuation and social influence. Women have natural difficulties facing disagreements or disapproval. They sometimes have a tendency to get angry about small and petty things.

4. Religion should never, under any circumstances, be wedded or controlled by the state.
This has proven disastrous in human history. Religion then becomes a tool for the control and oppression of people, rather than a door to experiencing the divine reality within ourselves.

5. Women are more likely to be seers than men. Seers are great psychics with abilities in the mental environment. The gift of Seeing is rare and far more often given to women than to men.

6. Boys and girls should not be educated together at a young age. It makes them compete and emulate each other. Both genders need some time to figure themselves out – to find their identity – prior to being mixed, especially given how sexualized our children are due to the media.

7. In advanced societies in the universe, young children are assessed for their natural abilities and given specific training for them. The wise are able to assess young children and make sure that they are given the best opportunities to cultivate their natural gifts and inclinations. This benefits society as a whole.

8. The world would be a better place with women in positions of spiritual leadership. It would not be magically different, but it would be more peaceful and cooperative. Humanity needs this if it is to survive the Great Waves of Change.

9. Women who have a destiny to fulfill must accept that not all of them can become married. The needs of the soul must be prioritized over the needs of the mind and flesh. This does not mean that such women must necessarily be celibate, but women need to stop prioritizing relationships with men over their life’s purpose.

10. All True Divine Person, the great saints, that have changed the course of humanity, have had to free themselves from the control and influence of the state. They followed an inner direction, honored the greater wisdom within themselves called Knowledge. We must all do this.

Good point and so simple. Then, tell me, how come 99% of common male-believers of 3-major Middle Eastern cults cannot see, understand and contemplate it? I know one possible and rational explanation. There are one particular group of people which is not interested in that the world could coexist in peace and that all people could live in harmony. They are called = Patriarchal Priests. △

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