"Key To The Universe" ~ Harriette Augusta Curtiss. Part III - The ,O' As The Golden Egg

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"Brahma, the self-existing, "desiring to produce
various creatures from his own body, first, with
a thought, created the waters, and deposited in
them a seed. This seed became a golden egg,
resplendent as the sun, in which he himself
was born as- Brahma, the progenitor of all
~ Sanskrit Texts, Muir, 27.

"Thus when the Orphic poet desired to go
further back than the point to which the Hesiodic
theogony traces the generation of the Kosmos,
he traced the Universe to the great mundane
egg produced by Chronos, time, out of Chaos and
Aither - a symbol answering to the mighty
mixing-bowl of the Platonic demiourgos, and akin
to all the circular, oval or boat-shaped emblems
of fertility."
~ The Mythology of She Aryan
Nations, Cox, 437.

The ,O' is the "golden egg" or the "serpent's egg," the Womb of Nature front which the universe is hatched; an universal symbol.
"The mystery of the apparent self-generation and evolution through its own creative power, repeating in miniature, in the egg, the process of cosmic evolution both due to heat and moisture under the efflux of the unseen creative spiritfully justified the selection of this graphic symbol The 'Virgin-Egg' is the microcosmic symbol of the macrocosmic prototype, the 'Virgin Mother'-Chaos or the ,Primeval Deep'. * * * Kosmos, as receptive Nature, is an egg fructified yet left immaculate; for once regarded as boundless, it could have no other representation than a spheroid."

While the egg is a true symbol of all physical generation, it is also a symbol of The Christ Seed within each heart. For within the spheroidal aura surrounding each Soul like the shell of an egg, there is a germinal center, The Chrisc Seed, common to all his bodies physical, astral, mental, etc., which, like the germ center within the egg, gradually grows and unfolds until The Christ Man (= humanity) emerges. He is then just as much a new and altogether different expression of the Soul as is the chicken different from the egg when it emerges from its shell.

"The Chinese believe that their First Man was born from an Egg, which Tien dropped down from Heaven to Earth into the Waters. This egg-symbol is still regarded by some as representing the idea of the origin of life, which is a scientific truth, though the human ovum is invisible to the naked eye. * * * The Christians, especially the Greek and Latin Churches, have fully adopted the symbol, and see in it a commemoration of life eternal, of salvation and of resurrection. This is found in, and corroborated by, the time-honored custom of exchanging 'Easter-Eggs'. From the Anguinum, the 'Egg' of the Pagan Druid, whose name alone made Rome tremble with fear, to the red Easter Egg of the Slavonian peasant, a cycle has passed. And yet, whether in civilized Europe, or among the abject savages of Central America, we find the same archaic, primitive thought."

Among the Greeks, Eros (Love) is poetically described as having issued from the Egg of Night as it floated on the waters of Chaos. Since Divine Love is the outbreathing whose vibrations quicken the Chaos of unmanifested life held within the mighty circle of the Great Deep, Eros, as the symbol of Love manifesting on the physical plane, can indeed be said to issue from the Egg of Night. The goddess Venus, his mother, is the Ruler of the planet Venus, the sister planet of our Earth.

"According to the Occult Doctrine, this Planet is our Earth's PRIMARY and its Spiritual prototype."

The creative activities of Prajapati ("lord of people", "two sexes original source of everything") is a group of Hindu deities presiding over procreation and protection of life, the creator; a steel engraving from the 1850's, with modern hand coloring

The planet Venus is so closely affinitized with our earth and so closely connected with its evolution, as with its birth, that it is said that every sin committed on Earth is felt by its Guardian Spirit, also that every great regenerating or spiritual movement on Earth; like a great wave of Love and helpfulness, is 1st communicated to the Ruler of Earth by the Spirit of Venus. The sea-foam from which she is represented to have arisen was the result of the churning of the Great Deep as Chaos responded to the life-giving vibrations of Creative Love when the Word was spoken: "Let there be Light."

It will be remembered, however, that Venus complained to Themis that her son Eros remained ever a
child; in other words, human love remained undeveloped. Themis assured Venus that this was because he was solitary, so soon afterward another son was born to Venus, whom she called Anteros. He is represented both as the Avenger of slighted love and as symbolic of reciprocal affection. Themis, who in the myth is called Divine Justice, was the wife of Zeus and mother of the Fates, hence represents Karma, while Anteros is that aspect of Love which brings dire results when Love is degraded or unrequited. He is that aspect of Love which enables the serpent to swallow its tail or the circle to be completed, that human love may once more be swallowed up in the òcean of Divine Love from whence it emerged.

"Ra is shown like Brahma gestating in the Egg of the Universe * * * Among the Greeks the Orphic Egg is described by Aristophanes, and was a part of the Dionysiac and other Mysteries, during which the Mundane Egg was consecrated and its significance explained; Porphry also shows it to be a rtpresentation of the world."

The myth of Leda is another symbol of the feminine aspect of Divine Love, i. e., Libra, the Sheath of Venus, for she was visited by Zeus in the guise of a Swan (the Bird of Life) and is then said to have produced 2 eggs, from 1 of which Castor and Pollux immortalized in the heavens as the sign Gemini, the Twins-were born, and from the other Helen, she for whose blandishments the Trojan War was waged. Thus does life bring forth from the great Mundane Egg, 1st, duality Castor and PolIux symbolizing the intellectual faculties brought forth from an earthly mother and a Divine father, hence always vacillating and unbalancedand 2nd, Helen, the symbol of purely human love, beautiful, seductive and the stirrer up of strife and bloodshed among men.

"As Bryant shows, it [the egg] was a symbol adopted among the Greeks, the Syrians, the Persians and Egyptians. In the Egyptian Ritual, Seb, the God of Time and of the Earth, is spoken of as having laid an 'Egg conceived at the hour of the Great One of the Dual Force.' * * * Whence this universal symbol? The Egg was incorporated as a sacred sign in the Cosmogany of every people on the Earth, and was revered both on account of its form and of its inner mystery. From the earliest mental conceptions of man, it has been known as that which represented most successfully the origin and secret of Being. The gradual development of the imperceptible germ within the closed shell; the inward working, without any apparent outward interference of force, which from a latent nothing produced an active something, needing naught save heat; and which, having gradually evolved into a concrete, living creature, broke its shell, appearing to the outward senses of all as a self-generated and self-created being; all this must have been a standing miracle from the bcinning.

"The Secret Teaching explains the reason for this reverence by the symbolism of the prehistoric races. In the beginnings, the 'First Cause' had no name. Later it was pictured in the fancy of the thinkers, as an ever invisible, mysterious Bird that dropped an Egg into Chaos, which Egg became the Universe. Hence Brahma was called Kålahansa, the 'Swan in (Space and) Time'. Becoming the swan of Eternity, Brahmå, at the beginning of each Mahåmanvantara, lays a Golden Egg which typifies the Great Circle, or ,O', itself a symbol for the Universe and its spherical bodies."

Mithras, favorite god of soldiers, being born from the cosmic egg (relief)

It was this mystery which was always presented to the candidates and explained during the Mysteries. While the myth of the Mundane Egg was used as an illustration to bring this great truth to their minds and snake it a living reality in their hearts, they were taught that The Christ Seed or Egg was dropped by the Heavenly Dove-call it Bird of Life, Parahamsa, Holy Ghost, or what you will-in the nest of their hearts, which they themselves had to build, purify and prepare for its reception. Hence only as they made conditions possible for this Divine Bird to hover over them and find a nesting place in their hearts, could she lay and hatch out the Egg. After the Egg was hatched the Heavenly Dove brought daily to her nestlings the heavenly food, Mother-love, on which they could feed and flourish. Also as she made her home in the heart and soared into the heaven world, she created a spiral of magnetic life-force over which the fledgling candidate could consciously ascend and gather the experience of the higher realms. This is what is meant when we are told: "Bestride the Bird of Life?'

"The engraving of a papyrus in Kircher's (Edipus Egyptiacus, shows an egg floating above the mummy. This is the symbol of hope and the promise of a Second Birth for the Osirified Dead; his Soul, after due purification in Amenti, will gestate in this Egg of Immortality, to be reborn therefrom into a new life on Earth. For this Egg, in the Esoteric Doctrine, is Devachan, the Abode of Bliss, the Winged Scarabæus also being another symbol of it The Winged Globe is but another form of the Egg and has the same significance."

"A second reason for the Egg having been chosen as the symbolical representation of the Universe, and of our Earth, was its form. It was a Circle and a Sphere; and
the ovi-form shape of our Globe must have been known from the beginning of symbology, since it was so universally adopted."

"The symbol of an egg also expresses the fact taught in Occultism that the primordial form of everything manifested, from atom to globe, from man to angel, is spheroidal, the sphere being with all nations the emblem of eternity and infinity a serpent swallowing its tail."

It is a scientific fact that in nature all eggs and most seeds, in which the future animal, plant or man is
latent, are either globular or more or less modified spheroids in shape. This is a scientific corroboration of the occult teaching that the origins of all forms of manifested life are spheroidal, "from the birth of new Worlds out of central suns, down to the microscopic cells of which all flesh is grown." * * * Our word ,cell' is the Celtic name of 'Heaven,' Cel, and this continuous birth of cell from cell was identical with Deity, Church and priesthood-all belonging to the one system for continuous gift and parturition. Even the astral manifestations in a seance room, prior to their etherealization or materialization, appear as globes of light of more or less brilliancy.

These 3 posts come from the original book: "The Key to the Universe or a Spiritual Interpretation of Numbers and Symbols" by
Harriette Augusta Curtiss, Washington D.C. 1917

Author Of "The Curtiss Books":
The Key of Destiny, The Voice of Isis, The Message of Aquaria
The Truth about Evolution and the Bible, Coming World
Changes, Realms of the Living Dead, Letters from the
Teacher, Vols. I and II, Gems of Mysticism, The
Temple of Silence, The Divine Mother,
The Soundless Sound, Etc.


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